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Released on 17th July 2023

For compatibility information of each ERP Connector version with Autodesk Vault versions, visit the System Requirements page.

With version 29.x.x, we bring support for Autodesk Vault Professional 2024.

All the below-mentioned information is valid for both released ERP Connector versions.

Due to a change in license file storage folders, ERP Connector must be re-licensed.


General changes

  • Compatibility with Vault Professional 2024 added.

  • "Create RAW material BOM association" can now be run on multiple selected items at once. Just select as many items as you wish, and the command will iterate through all of them.

  • Small app menu tweaks.


  • The latest version of Holixa licensing has been implemented.

  • Licensing information is now stored in ERP Connector dedicated folder so no other Holixa-licensed products can affect the licensing of ERP Connector and vice versa.

New features

  • Google Analytics was implemented to track what version of the ERP Connector is being used.