Released on 12th April 2024

For compatibility information of each ERP Connector version with Autodesk Vault versions, visit the System Requirements page.


  • Modifications to the licensing mechanism to match the latest licensing of Publisher4VTL.

When using the ERP Connector and Publisher4VLT together (with the pending publication feature), it’s important to ensure that their licensing versions match. This means you should use the latest public versions of Publisher4VLT in combination with this latest version of the ERP Connector or any newer version.

  • Removed the functionality where the ERP Connector automatically performed publishing tasks for the “Copy native files” and “Publishing thumbnails” jobs of the Publisher4VLT, and automatically added the information about published files to the Data Interface (DI). This change was made to eliminate code duplication and resolve a conflict where the ERP Connector, not the Publisher4VLT, was actually publishing files. Now, all publishing tasks are handled by Publisher4VLT. If you need the published file information in the DI, you must enable the “Use pending publication” option in the General settings of the ERP Connector.

  • The first phase of rebranding to Be.Smart: The installer and some main icons were rebranded to match the Be.Smart style. The rest will follow soon.


  • Fixed some language translation issues.

  • Fixed the issue causing the content of the ERP Data tab not to be visible in the dark mode.

Update Instructions for Web-license-activated Installations

*The below steps are valid for the following ERP Connector versions and newer:,, 27.12.0. You don't need to follow these instructions if upgrading from the internal RC1 build.

  1. Before uninstalling the older* ERP Connector version from the Vault client, go to Tools → ERP Connector → About.

  2. Click “License…” in the add-in summary window.

  3. Click “Reset license” in the next window, and confirm with OK.

  4. (Alternatively, you can skip steps 1-3, and instead delete the content of the folder c:\Users\!!USER!!\AppData\Roaming\ArkanceSystems\ERP_Connector).

  5. Close the Vault client and uninstall the older ERP Connector version.

  6. Install the latest ERP Connector version.

  7. Activate the product using your Be.Smart (Holixa) web license credentials (e-mail, password).