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What is Holixa ERP Picker?

Holixa ERP Picker is an add-on for Autodesk Inventor that allows direct access to the ERP database to find and assign attribute values from ERP to iProperties of Inventor 3D models. Thanks to the iProperties assigned by ERP Picker, it is then possible to create a material link in Holixa ERP Connector between a semi-finished product from the ERP system (purchased semi-finished product item) and a manufactured component item.


  • preview from Inventor to the ERP system item database;
  • transfer the attributes of the selected record to the iProperties of the component in Inventor;
  • export of the ERP view to an external file (csv);
  • manual filtering;
  • filtering by sheet thickness (optional).
Holixa ERP Picker is automatically installed in two versions - as an add-on to Inventor, providing complete application functionality, and as a standalone application (executable from c:\Program Files\ArkanceSystems\ErpPicker\ErpPickerApp.exe) independent of Autodesk Inventor, allowing only a preview of the ERP system database.
Last modified 2mo ago