Holixa ERP Picker
(EN) ERP Picker


  • in Inventor call the window using the "CS ERP picker" command
  • in the window use the search criteria above the data table
  • mark the selected record and use its data according to its purpose
    • either they have to determine the material from which the manufactured part is made (identification of the metallurgical material - e.g. sheet metal, bar stock, ...) - then from the menu
  • or they have to mark the component as a purchased part (identification of the purchased component - e.g.
  • engine, hinge, ...) - then from the menu
  • in both cases the values of the selected row are written to the iProperties of the Inventor component according to the mapping set in the configuration. The same action is performed by double-clicking on the record (with Ctrl for the "Pick C & Exit" action)