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Job Time Tracker

Time tracking for Revit projects
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Location: ribbon Holixa T4R, panel Tracker
Packages: Holixa T4R Bronze | Holixa T4R Silver

Main functionalities and benefits:

  • Help better estimate the time you spent on the project
  • Easy and simple to use


The Job Time Tracker is a tool that automatically tracks your true (net) time spent on editing a particular project (job). You can specify idle time delays (pauses between commands) which won't be calculated into the total project time. You can track individual sessions, total time and the number of executed commands. The resulting data can be exported to Excel.
JobTime tracks and displays these properties:
  • The total net time in the format dd:hh:mm:ss
  • Net time in the individual Revit sessions (and timestamp of those sessions)
  • Number of commands (operations) invoked in the individual sessions