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Unveiling 70 Time-Saving Features for Architects, BIM Managers, MEP Engineers and Structural Engineers

How can I automatically track time spent on an architectural project? Be.Smart T4R - Job Time Tracker

What tools can help me manage external references in my engineering project?

Be.Smart T4R - References List, Link Checker

How can I bulk upgrade Revit projects to the latest version?

Be.Smart T4R - Bulk Upgrade of Families

What is the best way to watermark a BIM document?

Be.Smart T4R - BIMSign

How can I find out who last edited a specific element in my project?

Be.Smart T4R - Who did that?

Is there a detailed selection tool for drawing elements?

Be.Smart T4R - Extended Filter

How can I effectively manage and filter parameters in a Revit project?

Be.Smart T4R - Parameter Manager, Level Manager, Family Parameter Manager

What tools can help automate door swing opening detection in Revit?

Be.Smart T4R - Doors

Can I import and export schedules in Excel for my BIM project?

Be.Smart T4R - Import Schedules, Export Schedules

How can I load terrain surface from Civil 3D into my project?

Be.Smart T4R - Import DTM

Is there a tool that can help me mass join elements in my project?

Be.Smart T4R - Join Geometry

How can I create a floor according to the selected room in Revit?

Be.Smart T4R - Room To Floor

Can I automatically detect room finishes in Revit?

Holixa T4R - Room Finishes

How to automate wall dimensioning in Revit?

Be.Smart T4R - Wall Dimension

Can I create a legend of wall types in my project?

Be.Smart T4R - Wall Legend What is the easiest way to copy sheets and views in Revit?

Be.Smart T4R - Copy Sheets

How can I automatically update scale parameters in views?

Be.Smart T4R - Sheet Scales