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Holixa T4R Silver

Design Productivity Tools
These tools save time while creating objects, families and valuable information. Do more in less time by automating routines, design even more consistently and increase BIM information.

Main benefits of Silver tools

  • Minimize time on repetitive tasks​
  • Consistent design
  • Decrease design errors
  • Optimize work routines​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Time-saving example

Join geometry tool automatically join selected categories in the whole project or a selected part. Next to the fact that it is a time-consuming, tedious task to do it one by one, risking forgetting a join, you can get all objects joined in just 3 clicks!

List of Features available in Holixa T4R Silver

Holixa T4R Silver Ribbon






Join Geometry Mass joining of elements by selected categories, including the option to set the first and second level priority.


Room To Floor Create a floor according to the selected room


Dimension Text Mover Automatically adjust text position, if it overlaps extension lines
Line of Travel Generates the stair arrow, numbering and description
Doors Automatically detects the opening of the door and writes it as a parameter value to the door properties
Legend Automatic creation of floor, roof and ceiling legends
Wall Legend Create legend of the wall types
Element Legend Generates legend of elements such as Doors and Windows used in the project
Type Legend Generates a sheet according to the selected title-block frame and inserts an element table with selected parameters
Data from Schedule
Structure Description Create description of structure for wall, roof or floor. Description include material and width of each layer in selected element.
Export Schedules The function Export and Import of schedules allows you to export selected tables to Excel and edit them in Excel.
Import Schedules The function Export and Import of schedules allows you to export selected tables to Excel and edit them in Excel.
Text Alignment
Align selected texts/tags to a text/tag or existing line.
Change Text Extends the standard search/replace text functionality in Revit


Room Finishes The function Room Finishes automatically detects room finishes and writes their values into the built-in parameters Wall finish, Floor finish and Ceiling finish.
Room Height Automatically detects and writes clear height to the selected room parameter


Copy Sheets Copies selected sheets and views with the given prefix and suffix
Sheet Formats Calculates the number of A4 formats for all drawings in the project and writes the value to selected parameter
Sheet Scales Automatically updates scale parameters in views


Quick Selection Boxr (Q1) Creates a selection box by clicking on any two points in the floor plan
Reset Graphics Overrides (Q1) Resets graphics overrides of all elements in the current view
Unhide Hidden Elements (Q1) Display all hidden elements in the current view

List of MEP Functions available in Holixa T4R Silver

Holixa T4R Silver MEP Ribbon
Split Splits the selected duct/pipe into segments of a specified length
Renumber Renumbers all devices and ducts in the selected branch from a given number.
Delete Pipes / Ducts Deletes selected part of the pipes
Element Connector (Q1) Automatically connects all elements that their connectors touch.
Duct Insulation Creates the insulation on ducts or pipes
Insulation Area of Fittings Calculates insulation area on pipe / tube fittings
Duct Description Enables you to automatically insert duct tags on the connectors
Pipes / Ducts Symbols Adds direction symbols to selected pipes or ducts
System Direction Adds to the floor plan flow direction of verticall pipes
Route Lenght
Displays the total length of selected route elements
Units Assign units to parameters and create schedules with proper units for listed values
Leveler Change the associated level of selected elements