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Extract BOM

Command Description

The Extract BOM command extracts the content of the Bill of Materials (BOM) and saves it to an *.xlsx file either next to the original file, or to a specified folder. On top of that, users can select what iProperties should be appended to the extracted BOM table.
An overview of the data being exported with two user-added iProperties.
BOM exported to the xlsx file

Command Location

  • Assembly environment (Holixa T4I -> BOM panel).

Command Settings

Holixa T41 ribbon -> Holixa T4I panel -> Edit settings -> Quantities tab -> Export tab.
Extract BOM command settings
  • Users can select (1) file iProperties to be appended to the extracted BOM. Selected iProperties will be displayed in the list (2), where they can be ordered using the Up and Down buttons.
  • In the field (3), the output folder can be set. If empty, a default location next to the source file will be used.
  • If Silent mode (4) is selected, users do not have the option to check the data before export, nor does the message box appear.
To learn about the Filter button of the Select (1) properties window (bottom left corner), see the page Workflow overview (Automatic synchronization).
(This command has nothing to do with the iProperties synchronization, we just use the same interface objects on different places of T4I).

Workflow Overview

  1. 1.
    Run the command.
  2. 2.
    Review the BOM table and proceed by clicking on the Export button (unless the Silent mode is selected).
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