🏁Quick Start Guide

Start saving time immediately! Embrace the key T4I features from Day One!

Welcome to T4I!

🥳 Thank you for choosing T4I! 🥳 To get you up and running, we've prepared this Quick Start Guide. Dedicating a few minutes to this guide will ensure you can begin benefiting from T4I immediately.

There are a lot of features in T4I but you don't need to worry it will take a long time to learn them all. You can only use what's important to you and your day-to-day Inventor workflows. And what's best of all - you can start benefiting from T4I just now!

⬇️ Read the sections below, and you will be ready to start saving time with T4I in a matter of minutes! Do it once, do it now, and then enjoy the benefits T4I will bring to your Inventor design experience.

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