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Version 26.1.0

Released on 28th June 2023


  • Exporting DXF from flat patterns yielded incorrect results when using the INI file.
  • The issue that prevented users from activating the T4I using the web license, opening the Helpdesk webpage, or downloading TeamViewer if a proxy server was configured in the network.
  • Some translation issues were fixed.
  • The Push Quantities command no longer fails when the assembly contains library files.
  • The old logo in the installer has been replaced with the new one.
  • Fix of iLogic command buttons behavior. Sometimes, it could happen that the iLogic command button wasn't created properly on the ribbon.
  • Fixed (bypassed) the Autodesk Inventor error that caused the Inventor to crash when the T4I was loading.

New features and improvements

Align hatching

Welded assemblies in section view must be hatched in the same direction on the drawing, otherwise, the drawing may be misinterpreted. With the new tool Align hatching, setting the correct hatch direction will be a matter of moments.

Save and return to sketch

To speed up your workflows when saving your designs (Ctrl+S or Save), a new Save and return to sketch feature enables users automatically return to the last active sketch (provided the Save command has been invoked from the active Sketch environment).

More saving options for exported files

We have greatly enhanced the saving options for exported files by adding support for Windows relative paths. See more in Saving files using relative paths.

Better export/import of T4I settings

Export and import of T4I settings are now much more straightforward than before. Just use the new Export settings tool, select the desired file type (XML or REG), and save the settings file to the location of your interest.

Other improvements

T4I settings window position

The Holixa T4I settings window will now open in the center of the screen by default (previously, it opened somewhere in the top left corner of the screen).

Parentheses command support for modified dimension text

The Parentheses command in Holixa T4I's drawing Annotation panel now behaves decently, as anyone would expect. It means it will create parentheses around the text even if that was already modified before (e.g., a diameter symbol was added, etc.).

Splash screen

Splash screen visibility can be turned off in Advanced Settings -> General -> Show splash screen -> False.
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